How To Fit In Your Wrought Iron Chandelier


The homeowner doesn't have to really worry about incorporating a wrought iron chandelier into their home when there's not a lot of existing wrought iron.
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Indeed, it's best that the chandelier be the only wrought iron object in a room. This is especially true if the room is feminine, with soft colors, fabrics and overstuffed chairs and sofas. The wrought iron chandelier will most likely give the room that degree of vigor, strength and surprise that will balance the room out.
Besides, there are all types of wrought iron chandeliers. Some are elaborate, full of vines and curlicues, with etched glass shades over the lights. A problem might occur if the wrought iron chandelier is utilitarian, if it was simply made to give a little light and no other pleasure to the eye. In other words, it's not a wrought iron chandelier, but an ugly wrought iron chandelier that's a problem.
There are several ways to deal with a chandelier that reminds the homeowner of nothing less than a hanging cage from the Inquisition. There are many online sites that sell prisms, bobeches, beads, balls and chains of crystals made to replace those lost from crystal chandeliers. The homeowner can buy a bunch of these and hang them over the arms of the offending chandelier. They don't have to be colorless and transparent, but can come in a rainbow of colors. They will look especially charming in a room that gets abundant sunlight, where they can throw specks of rainbow color against the walls and other surfaces. They should come with hooks so they can be lifted on or off the chandelier without too much trouble. The rehabilitated chandelier will not only be uncommonly beautiful, but a conversation piece.
Another thing a homeowner can do to hide the chandelier's ugliness is to drape it with a pretty, pale colored fabric. The fabric can be plain, can come with floral patterns, can be fringed or tasseled. The drapery can even be decorated with tiny chandelier crystals or beads. The drapery can be any soft fabric that takes away from the chandelier's severity and can even be twined up the chandelier's chain. Other items that can be hung from the chandelier are pomanders, tied with grosgrain or watered silk ribbons. They're not only pretty, but they also smell good.
If the chandelier simply has bare bulbs or candles, they can be covered with shades of some sort. They can be made out of heat proof materials, or glass, and twined around with beads or pearls that echo something else in the room's decor. This can be the red of a sofa, or the blue of an area rug. There are many sites to find the perfect covers for your wrought iron chandelier!
The holidays are when the chandelier can really come into its own. It's the perfect scaffolding for all kinds of decorating ideas. It can be hung with colorful glass balls, stars, half-moons and other ornaments, twined with holly or pine garlands, or strings of red or white berries. It can be decorated with pine cones, or apples. Christmas cards can also be hung from the chandelier. There are always ways to blunt the unfortunate impact of an ugly wrought iron chandelier!