Wrought Iron Chandeliers - A Guide


Most of the time, chandeliers that are made from iron, are, more accurately, made from wrought iron. Wrought iron becomes easily bendable when it is heated, due to its low carbon content. The process of heating the iron is known as forging, and steam iron and hand held hammers are used to shape and the bend the metal into the shapes that are suitable for wrought iron chandeliers and other types of furniture. The modified iron pieces create spectacularly beautiful, and sturdy, furnishings. Genuine wrought iron is different to steel, in the sense that it is blended with minute fragments of iron silicate, commonly referred to as "slag". The slag significantly alters the chemical make-up of the iron enough, to make a new metal. When corrosion occurs, discoloration becomes visible with the majority of metals, otherwise known as rust. With this type of iron, the rust is exhibited in a way where it has a coppery finish, which can add to the rustic appeal of wrought iron chandeliers.

Wrought iron chandeliers come in a variety of shapes and styles, but the main varieties are ring, lantern, armed and famed types. Armed styles have metal arms emanating from the central shaft. Some of these styles are more basic in design, with maybe just a couple of bends in each arm, whilst others can be more elaborate, featuring numerous curls and fancy swirls. Wrought iron chandeliers in this style often have candle-shaped bulbs on each arm. According to people's preferences or the design of the fixture, mini lampshades can be used to cover each bulb, or they can be left bare.

Some types of iron chandeliers have a basic framework made from metal, featuring hanging bulbs or pendant lights in sequence, within the frame. This style of fixture is commonly seen raised above dining tables in a countrified setting. Other popular designs have metal rings connected to chains, and these rings may have small bulbs on the rings, or larger bulbs on the outside.
Lantern or boxed shaped chandeliers are designed to be reminiscent of old-style candle-lit lanterns, and bulbs in the shape of candles are often within the box section. These types chandeliers can be adorned with metal features and trims, on the top or side of the fixture. In case you have any issues about in which along with how to work with Wrought iron doors, you'll be able to e mail us on the website.

Some types of iron chandeliers can sport animal cut-outs, such as chickens, and this can fit in nicely with a rustic theme. Iron chandeliers are normally used to light dining areas, but they can be equally at home in any room of the home, as the dark, coppery look of the metal can create a nice contrast against brick, stone, wood or plaster. Mediterranean style decors can also be somewhat rustic, so iron chandeliers can be a nice choice in areas such as these.

Due to the durable nature of wrought iron, it is also great to be used for outdoor decorative purposes, and this could be lighting or furnishings. A covered patio can be enhanced with wrought iron chandeliers or country-style benches, as the rustic appearance of wrought iron is ideal to be used in an outdoor setting.